How to Make and Use Cocopeat at Home in India

Make Cocopeat at home in India

I always wondered what happened to the coconut shells after its water and edible flesh were consumed by the people in roadside? And that it would be such a nuisance to carry and discard so many big pieces by the thela wallahs. If someone used to bring it at home, discarding it in a proper … Read more

Best Indoor Palm Trees in India

Best Indoor Palm Trees for India

Palm trees are also called as Arecaceae. These are mostly flowering plants and grow in a wide range from rainforests to deserts. Most of these are found in tropical areas. Human use of palm trees is as old as the human civilization. Palms and its benefits have also been mentioned in many ancient scriptures. There … Read more

7 Indoor Medicinal Plants to Keep You Healthy in India

Indoor Medicinal Plants in India

Since prehistoric times, plants were used to treat diseases and keep one’s immunity strong. History of medicinal plants being used is found in abundance in ancient India in Ayurveda. Thousands of years of research till early 19th century has given us rich knowledge about them. Before the early 19th century, these were the only source … Read more

How to Grow Indoor plants and Keep them Alive (A detailed Guide)

How to maintain and grow indoor plants in India

Mankind has always liked to keep plants indoors. You can find these in the paintings of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In India, paintings of the ancient civilizations depict them being kept in the courtyards. In ancient Japan and China, the practice of growing indoor bonsai plant was prevalent. These are miniature trees grown and … Read more

10 Indoor Plants You Can Use as Decorations

Indoor Plants Decoration

Who doesn’t like to come home to a comfortable, relaxing, eye-pleasing breathable environment? That is one of the reasons we go to parks. The downside of the industrial revolution in this age is the deprivation of the joys of nature like living in lush green areas with lots of plants. But that’s not the end … Read more

7 Indoor Water Plants that are Great to Keep and Easy to Maintain

Indoor Water Plants

Most of the times, you will find indoor plants being grown in soil. While there is nothing wrong with plants in soil, having water plants can add to the decor and save you some time and effort in maintaining these. The method of growing plants without soil is called Hydroponics. There are two methods to … Read more

Planning to Get Indoor Bamboo Plants? Here is what you need to know

Indoor Bamboo Plant - Lucky Bamboo

Whenever one thinks of word bamboo, we think of long green bamboo rods of which houses are made. Or the food which panda’s keep munching on. In fact, 150 years ago, in India people were using handmade pens made from thin bamboo sticks Now if you’re planning to keep indoor bamboo plants, thinking of these … Read more

7 Indoor Plants that Don’t Need Sunlight (available in India)

Indoor Plants that Don't Need Sunlight

Urban population in India has seen a significant growth as people move from rural and semi-urban areas to urban areas. This has also led to an increased need for living space. This, in turn, has resulted in a lot of high-rise building coming up in a short-span of time. With tightly packed houses and reducing … Read more

10 Best Indoor Flowering Plants in India (with common names & benefits)

Indoor Flowering Plants in India

Living in apartments with no greenery can have a negative impact on our state of mind. Indoor plants are known to bring many psychological, scientific, social, and ecological benefits with them. Studies have shown that when humans are in contact with plants, they feel less stressful and are more productive. Additionally, plants bring with them … Read more

Top 10 Indoor Air Purifying Plants that You Can Get in India

Indoor Air Purifying Plants

I have been living in New Delhi for more than 12 years now. While it never had good quality air, past 4 years have been really bad (especially from October to February). It got so bad last year that I decided to buy masks for everyone in my family. While there is hardly anything we can … Read more