About Indoor Plants Info

Welcome to Indoor Plants Info blog.

My name is Sumit Bansal and I live in New Delhi (the capital of India).

Over the past few years, the pollution in New Delhi and in many other cities India has reached a sever level. It’s impacting the lives of people every day, and since the impact is not immediately visible, most of us don’t even care.

To tackle this pollution (at least within my homes), I started researching about various air purifying plants. While I consider myself an expert in online search (duh! who doesn’t), I was not able to find quality and actionable information that I can use to make my life better.

Sure there are many articles available, but I wanted something that was more specific to India.

So I decided to start one.

In this blog, I share common things that I see people in India looking for, as well as some things that I believe should be more known.

For example, before my research, I wasn’t aware that out daily household stuff, such as furniture, carpets, curtains, etc are actually releasing harmful gases in the air.

I came across many useful benefits of having Indoor plants. Also, every plant can play a very different role – for example, there could be air purifying plants, flowering plants, decorative/ornamental plants, etc.

This blog is my attempt to share the knowledge I have been gaining over the past few years.

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